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Here's a List of things I've uploaded. Pay attention to my policies por favor.

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Well well, we meet again, only this time It's at Dreamwidth. I think I'm going to start using this as my Sims Journal, to upload different things up here, considering i'm starting to have a massive WIP list stacking up. Just an Introductory entry, here's a few guidelines.

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That about covers the basics. I'll be uploading some old stuff too perhaps. Or be linking to it ;)

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Hey hey hey, I have some downloads for you.

I just finished posting my Sims in the August Sim Challenge thread, and i'm posting a link for you here! So go grab them! 

Click the picture to teleport!
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So I finally sat down and threw together a family update. I have many many more updates to come in the following day, because I want to get caught up and play again (woo) and so here we go with the second of many updates.


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Hello once again! I come bearing an actual update of pictures. :) Tonight I shall post the first post of The Theirin Family. Much like a legacy, but not an actual "legacy" (note the "family" and not "legacy" in the title). SO! Just as a warning, this jumps around a BUNCH and I didn't realize I was sparse in taking pictures. So, expect disjointed "Storytelling". And now let's start the show~


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Hey guys, I decided to follow in Io's footsteps and get myself a Twitter as well!


So go and check that out, follow me, whatevs. I'll be posting random RL shtuff as well as random blurbs from my playing time :)
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Hello again! haha. Well, I thought before I posted a longish post of Alistair and Aella, I figured I'd post the family house first. Beware, this is the CURRENT state of the house, before I am moving them out and into a bigger house. Within further ado, here's the house. Please excuse the mess, they were in the middle of a party.


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More pictures! (Summer is lovely, isn't it?) This time it's pictures of several community lots around CH. Eventually I'm going be posting pictures of Alistair's and Aella's family and their house regularly, as a bit of an unofficial legacy. So look for that. Now, onto the businesses! Please excuse the build grid :X

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cfdI am finally back! With pictures!! And since I've purged my 9G download folder, and downloaded about 4G worth of things, including different genetics for sims, I've started Clover's Hollow over, family wise, and moved in several people with more on the way :) But right now, I have a special looksy into the new Clover's Hollow (even though the physical layout of the NH hasn't changed, just the occupants).

First up, Dragon Age: Origins' favorite: Alistair Theirin.


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From 9GB to 207MB.

Here we go.
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So. I've decided something.

I'm starting over.

Dumping my downloads and starting over.

I think it'll be good. Start fresh.

No more 8GB.

More fun.

SO. That's what i'll be doing for a while.

I love having classes end at noon.
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WELL! I didn't expect to post another round of pictures tonight, but alas, here we are! This is Nanna's neighbor, Cillian Singer's house. He's a quiet lad who usually keeps to himself, but when he is out, he can usually be found at the Grey Fox Cafe or The Fort.

282 Daisy Street )

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Back again wishing everyone a very happy holidays! As well as showing my first house in Clover's Hollow. This house is occupied by Nanna Kerry.

284 Daisy Street )
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Well I actually finished this before I finished the whole neighborhood. And So Here is the first of many community lot spams. First up: The Art Walk. A tri-shop that houses three art supplies stores for Painting, Ceramics and a Local-Art-Only Art Gallery.

The Art Walk )

So Yay! Art! I'll be back with some more pictures of my pet shop, my cafe and other lots, but not before I play me some beloved Dragon Age: Awakening. nom!
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Well, here we are! I have a brand new neighborhood with me, Clover's Hollow. I small little forest neighborhood in the back woods of Imaginary City, New England, USA.

And I must say i am extremely happy with it.

Welcome to Clover's Hollow )

And that is Clover's Hollow neighborhood spam! I'm actually really happy about it. I'll be spamming community lot pictures soon.
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 Hey everyone! I'm not dead, I promise! i've just been exTREMEly busy with college (more so than I thought I was at first, with all the free time I had before), but I just wanted people to know I have been around, hanging out at #GOS and downloading things, and blah blah blah, I just haven't gotten around to actually PLAYING Sims, mainly because it just takes forever to load and I don't have the time to purge everything. So. Yep. I have, however, been downloading much more lately, getting for yet another makeover of Port Leto, this time with downloaded lots because i'm just really lazy. But yea, I'm removing all sims (poor family man, Belial) and building the town from there. So it'll take a while, but i'm planning on posting loads of pictures along the way. When I have free time that is, ha.

SO. that's it for the update. Happy Halloween!! I'm off to play Dragon Age and paint my face and stuff~
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 Hey guys! I really haven't been doing anything sims related since the move to college ( a week ago today! D:). However I will be trying to pick up some playing on my off days (Fri-Sun). So....Yea. College is terrifying but i'm trying to get through it. I've been making some friends, but I try to stay out of the streets as much as possible because the City life scares me. 

Hurricane Earl is sweeping up here around tomorrow. It'll be a much needed weather change. From 90F and sunny and humid to 70F rainy and 80 mph winds! WOO! 

Portland, ME. Yep.

Welp, I'm off to my Ceramics class. Toodles! and I WILL catch you later :)
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 A little update for simming, since i haven't really been around:

"I'm out of school and spending 90% of my time at home, in my room, with the laptop (and the Wii) on. and yet, for some reason i can't bring myself to play Sims extensively. i'm slowing getting back into building, and so i'll start [info]sobteso up again and start posting themes again. I haven't been really playing the Asylum that much since it hasn't been holding my attention. I've actually been attempting to decorate Port Leto herself so I'll eventually post pictures of that process. It's slow goings but I think it'll turn out nicely once i have all of my lots placed and decorations animating. or some such. So yes, that's where I stand. STAY TUNED!"  -posted from my livejournal.


So that's where I stand currently. Now i'm off to get different Icons for this journal because i'm bored and can never truly have one signature batch.

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Day One of the Port Leto Kingdom Asylum is here.You'll notice that sims will look differently from when I posted their intro pages because right after i posted it, i started deleting CC and a few sims lost their eyes. So I remade them in CAS. So yes, not all, but one or two will look different. Oh and one note, I'm only blurring out genitalia. Bewbs and butts are going to be undraped. Just a warning if you're going to be looking at this whilst at work. WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T BE, SLACKER.

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First of all: Yay new layout! How original! I drew the header meself!


Second of all: I have quite a few projects I'd like to do with Pooklet's new actions, I just don't know when I'll get around to them. With school, friends, family stuff and laziness, it could and probably will be a while before I start them. nothing impressive, just recoloring hairs.

Third of all: So yea that's about it. I'm trying to play sims on and off but it doesn't look like it's happening. I need to focus on clearing it out, as well as battling with the decision just to restart the whole thing from scratch. So you'll see me around probably, commenting on things, hanging out in #GOS and maybe some updates from random encounters.

Fourth of All: I guess in a way I'm saying i'm going on a bit of a hiatus but not really o_o. Not like anyone was watching my every move though, right? :P


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